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A Pious Fraud Part I

A Pious Fraud


Brian Underwood

Prior to the foundation of the Grand Lodge in 1717, moves to transform the old guild into a true secret society were well under way with the setting up of four lodges in London of which one was restricted to the aristocracy.

This metamorphosis was necessary because Masonry's true origins did not lie in the antiquarian's interest in the Roman Catholic stonemason's Trade Guild of popular understanding as supposed, but in the experiences and writings of John Dee (1525-1608) astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, and in particular his Monas Hieroglphica from which title masons anagrammatically derive their name, and whose ideas were in agreement with the philosophical speculation of the cognoscente.

The word 'monas/mason' means single, alone or unit and lexigraphically contains two other words within it i.e. NAOS = TEMPLE (Greek) and SONA = GOLD (Hindu). Dee, whose interests besides Astrology included Alchemy, Hermetism, Cabala, Gematria and other esoteric disciplines besides the more exoteric interests of mathematics, navigation and astronomy, was a polymath of distinction.

When he published the Monas in 1564 (which was co-incidentally the year Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare were born) Queen Elizabeth I showed great interest in the book and promised to become his 'scholar' if he would disclose the secrets of that book.

Dee considered the Monas his most important work to date. He said he had felt 'pregnant' with it for seven years then had written it in a fit of intellectual and mystical rapture in twelve days. He writes of his 'great metaphysical revolution' and 'communication with God' which those with a knowledge of astrology would have recognized as an experience associated with the return of the thirty-year planetary cycle of SATURN / KRONOS that brings enlightenment.

In her book, 'The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age' Francis Yates writes:

'That Saturn, the Saturn of the Renaissance, star of the highest and deepest learning and of profoundly ascetic life, is the guiding star of this group. Shod with the winged sandals of Mercury and girt with Saturn's adamantine sword, they are intent on cutting off the head of ignorance'.

This gives the clue to their place in the history of thought.

These noblemen and their learned friends are Saturnians following the 'revalued' Saturn of the Renaissance in their devotion to deep scientific studies and lofty moral and religious aims.

However, these noble men and their learned friends with their 'lofty moral and religious aims', instead of cutting off the head of ignorance by publishing this 'natural philosophy', misappropriated the information to themselves for selfish reasons with disastrous consequences for humanity.

The story of Jim Shaw is illustrative of the corruption at the heart of Freemasonry.

Shaw, whose father deserted the family when he was aged two, was asked to leave home at the age of thirteen after a fight with his new stepfather. In a tearful parting with his mother she said she hoped he would grow up to be like his Uncle Irvin, both a Methodist and a Mason.

Shaw worked hard at climbing the Masonic ladder such that he was invited to become a 33 degree mason (the highest level) at a ceremony in Washington DC.

He writes, 'The meeting closed at the Temple with the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council striking with his sword the Mystic Numbers 5, 3, 1, 2.'

Using Gematria this gives the letters E, C, A, B. Since a sword is involved it can be speculated that the letters are an abbreviation of the word Excalibur, and that he was now a Knight of King Arthur.

Shortly after his investiture, Shaw, at the age of 45, i.e. at a Saturn 'opposition', 'SAW THE LIGHT' and became a 'born again' Christian. When he told his Uncle Irvin that he was leaving Masonry his uncle replied, 'Don't you ever think? Don't you realise that Masonry is the same as Jesus Christ?'

Open Sesame!! The Forty Thieves!!

This is proof that the upper echelons of Freemasonry know that the 'religious experience' is an 'astrological experience' and is associated with the planet Saturn (see R.I.L.K.O. Journal No. 74 Summer 2009 A Pious Fraud I).

Additional proof is found in the following:

In 1680, the year he published his book 'The Most Sacred and Divine Science of Astrology' the clergyman John Butler wrote to Elias Ashmole (Oxford Ashmolian Museum), 'Do you hear the news from Alma Mater (Oxford University)? All astrology must be banished.'

The fact that no explanation was given for this edict reveals the intellectual dishonesty at the heart of the academic fraternity. The astrologer Ashmole (1617-1692) was made central to this deception because he was recruited successively by the Freemasons and the Royal Society for his secret knowledge of the 'philosopher's stone', which had been bequeathed to him by the Rosicrucian William Backhouse (1593 - 1662) (See The Dictionary of National Biography).

The English word 'STONE' is an anagram of the Greek word ENTOS meaning WITHIN, and relates to the KRONOS 'return' or 'opposition', the emotional experience of the opposition.

The word 'Religion' is defined as meaning 'to re-bind'. In Gematria BIND = 29, i.e. Saturn /Kronos. Astrology, if we have learned the lesson of the RILKO Journal No.74, is shown to be natural philosophy. The question therefore has to be asked, 'What are the consequences of NOT promoting natural philosophy (i.e. Astrology), and turning it into the occult?'

This can only be answered in an arcane way.

The word GOD is a substitute for a FORCE that has long been recognised as emanating from The Planet with the Thirty Year Cycle, which can give ENLIGHTENMENT.

This force is the source of 'intelligence' in humans. It is also dual from the 'evidence' as some of the best and the worst humans are born under the zodiac sign associated with this planet, i.e. Galileo/Newton/Kepler amongst the best and Shipman/Brady/Philby the worst. They were all Capricornians, as was Jesus, born on the 25th of December.

Thus, when the aspirant who wants to become a mason is asked, does he believe 'in God', the 33 degree Mason knows 'God' to be Saturn / Kronos (= time).

This failure to tell the truth has as one of its consequences led to the outbreak of the HIV/AIDS virus. The human organism has instincts which are derived from the planet with the 30 year cycle. This 'instinct' allows the human organism to recognise the 'true' from the 'false'. However, if this ability is 'hidden' by the requirement of social organising e.g. the propagating of 'a myth', it must inevitably lead to the break down of the organism / society exposed to this 'falsehood'.

Since this involves the use of language it is there that we can find a clue. An example is HIV, mentioned above, the Latin acronym IHV:
In Hoc (Seino) Vince = In This (Sign) Conquer,
the motto of Constantine the Great, who introduced the myth of Christianity.

When this was understood in the 15/16th century this knowledge went underground and became the 'Invisible College'.

The symbolism of going public by Masonry in 1717 from its roots in the 'Invisible College' and 'Rosicrucianism' is revealing and confirms its origins with John Dee's Monas.

Dee wrote and published his Monas in 1564. Subtracting the number 1564 from 1717 gives the number 153. The number 153 is the sum of the numbers 1 to 17. It is also the number of fish caught by Simon and Peter in the Sea of Galilee.

When Jesus told Peter to cast his net again after Peter had said they had caught nothing all night he was rewarded with a 'miraculous' catch of 153 fish. After eating some of this 'miraculous' catch Jesus said that from now on Peter would be fishing for men.

The significance of this date (1717) suggests that Freemasonry felt it had the moral right to take over the role of Christianity and fish for men.

Central to the Masonic myth is the 'murder' of Hiram Abiff the Architect of Solomon's Temple by three 'lower' Masons who wanted his secret 'word'.

Hiram Abiff is not mentioned in the Old Testament at all. No builder of the temple is named and no murder of a high priest is recorded. There is a King of Tyre (= rock / stone) named Hiram who helps King David and Soloman. The word Hiram is cognate with Hirah which means noble.

The pandemic HIV AIDS broke out in 1979 in Uganda, by co-incidence the year in which the Masonic Republic erected in Washington the horoscope for Einstein which has Leo rising and the Moon in Pisces. The HIV virus revealed itself at the conjunction of the equator and the 30 degree E. meridian on the Earths Zodiac which, also by coincidence, was rediscovered in 1979.

This meridian position equates to the beginning of the Zodiac sign of Pisces, a sensitive location. In his book 'Twelve Tribes Nation' John Michell tells of the discovery of the Pisces/Virgo axis in ancient Greece on which are situated the Sacred Temples of Antiquity.

Hence, for the causes of HIV we must look to the Freemasons, Christians and the Academics who hid away natural philosophy for self-interest.
      A Pious Fraud Part I

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