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The "Titanic" Disaster
Written in a Star
did the freemasons sink it?


Brian Underwood

"Was not the weltering waste of water wide
Enough for both to sail?
What drew the two together o'er the tide,
Fair ship and iceberg pale?"
"A Tryst" Celia Thaxter

What does the horoscope tell us to look for as a cause of the tragedy?

Since it took place at virtually midnight we should perhaps concentrate firstly on the Moon for our interpretation. lt is in the 'hidden' sign of Pisces, the sign of self-undoing and in the 5th house of 'pleasures'. That, on the surface, agrees with the evidence.

The radio operator failed to pass on all the ice warnings, choosing to spend time sending personal messages from the passengers instead. The 'look-outs' in the crow's nest were not provided with binoculars as they should have been by the 2nd Officer, which would have allowed them to see the iceberg sooner. The Captain failed to give orders to slow the speed of the ship, knowing they were about to enter an area containing ice, which would have given the helmsman time to avoid the collision.

However, that doesn't explain the 'intuitive awareness' by a number of people who were 'fearful' of boarding the ship and felt there was something 'wrong' with it, including the Chief Officer, who was drafted in at the last minute to replace another officer and who wrote to his sister before leaving, "I still don't like this ship ... l have a queer feeling about it"

Continuing with the astrological interpretation by the MOON, we note that is in 'difficult', i.e. square, aspect to the ruler of the Ascendant, which is 'strong', being in its own house, in the sign of GEMINI, suggesting communication difficulties. This did actually occur. Two steamers, one by the name of SATURNIA, were prevented by ice from going to the rescue of the passengers on the stricken liner, less than live miles away.

Also it should be noted, with the Moon in the 5th fire house of Leo, that there was a fire buming for ten days in the 6th coal bunker which seriously weakened the bulkhead.

With the fixed water sign Scorpio on the Ascendant and its ruler Pluto/Dis in its own house it suggests a well-entrenched body of 'secrets'. However, the ascendant is opposed by astrology's own 'hiero - hero' and 'truth-seeker' Satum/Kronos conjuncting the DESCENDENT, in the sign of the Bull and the 7th house of 'balanced judgment'.

Also to be noted is that Saturn at 20 degrees Taurus is exactly conjunct - at 50 degrees longitude - the location of the 'unsinkable' "Titanic" on the Earth Zodiac.

The 'earth Zodiac' goes Westward from the Greenwich Meridian. Also the Moon at 22 degrees Pisces longitude is exactly conjunct Mount Olympus where the 'Titans' were in revolt against the 'gods' Ouranus and Gaea and from where, after they were defeated, they were cast into Tartarus, a place of darkness beneath the earth. Because the earth rotates 360 degrees every 24 brs and the Moon only moves I3 degrees in that time, there appears to be an East direction earth zodiac as well as a West direction earth zodiac.

Another set of 'coincidences' is that Lat. 41 degrees 46' N and Long. 50 degrees 14' W - the place of the sinking - add up to 92 which is the GEMATRIA number of KRONOS/SATURN. As does April...56/29, and the 2 days 14th/15th = 29 involving the collision and sinking. GEMATRIA will be seen to cast light on the real causes of the catastrophe.

GEMATRIA is a cabalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures by'interchanging words' whose letters have the same numerical value when added, e.g. HERMES = MORGAN = GORDAN (see GEMATRIA explanation). The earliest known use of gematria is recorded on a BABYLONIAN clay tablet. (s) It states that the ruler Sargon 2nd (720 B.C.) ordered that the walls of Kborsabad be constructed to have a length of l6,283 cubits, the numerical value of his name. There exists definite evidence that gematria constituted a sacred language of Greek theology and was in use before the time of Plato. Pythagoras of Samos (600 BC) stated that 'all is number' although he didn't specify which number.

gematria table

By the conventions of gematria, one unit, known as COLEL, may be added to or subtracted from the value of any word without affecting its symbolic meaning.

The question is, how do we apply Gematria to the resolution of whether the "Titanic" was 'destined' to meet the 'iceberg' and if so, why? We can start from the astrological perspective and state quite categorically that if astrology works for one person, which it does, it must work for everyone. There can be no argument about the logic of this statement. This poses the question of whether we are 'fated' or 'free'?

The 'evidence' presented to the A Lodge would suggest we are 'fated' because we cannot do the 'wrong' thing. The 'evidence' suggests that we 'trip ourselves up' at an astrological time associated with the SATURN/KRONOS cycle at the age of 15l / 30 / 45 / 60 approximately.

The next deduction since we are not 'free', must be that 70% of the population choose the 'right' path and 30% choose the 'wrong' path, of which 700/0 are 'self-righting'. This leaves approximately 10%, which is the ratio an iceberg is above and below water.

This reasoning is based on the fact that SATURN has a density of 70% of water and is UNSINKABLE, an adjective given to the "TlTANIC". Also the human body is composed of 70' water and 30' solids. Another 'coincidence' is that the globe is covered by 70% Water and 30% earth. Since 70% of the 30% on the 'wrong' path are self-righting there must be a 'natural' morality and it must be associated with the 'star' Saturn, since those on the 'wrong' path usually right themselves at Satum's 'retum'. So at the heart of astrology is morality.

The next logical deduction is that the solar system must be 'organic', i.e. it is 'aiive'. This brings us closer to unravelling the mystery of whether the "Titanic" was 'fated' to hit the iceberg. And if so, why? It involves the 'hidden' and the 'secret' revealed by the horoscope drawn up for the collision. The most widespread secret society are the Free Masons, who claim that they are not a 'secret society' but a 'society with secrets'. The trouble is that they are 'stolen' astrological secrets.

Let us begin with the murder of William Morgan, a Royal Arch Mason (R.A.M. - as in ARIES) of New York in 1826. Morgan, a stonemason, had become embroiled in disagreement with some fellow members of the Masonic Order and decided to write a book exposing the secret rituals of Masonry. Soon he began to experience petty persecution for small debts. Then one day in 1826 he was abducted by a group of unidentified men and was never again seen alive. A year later the body of a drowned [DROWN = 74 / 29 (the 'bottom' line)] man was washed ashore from Lake Ontario and identified as Morgan. The latent suspicion that he had been abducted by a group of Masons now quickened into life, and an Anti-Masonry party was formed. Masonry had been widely condemned for its secrecy (a "horrid oath binding system") and for its allegedly anti-democratic character. The fact that many of the political leaders and judges were Masons suggested that Masonry constituted a kind of office-holding clique.

Moreover, Masonry was associated with liberal thought and many found it a threat to Christianity. In the New York state elections in the fall of 1827, a newly formed group of Anti-Masons carried several Western counties and sent 15 members to the state assembly. Others were aroused simply by the violation of order and justice in the case of William Morgan.

The murder of MORGAN provides a link in the chain of coincidences going back to the time of the Enlightenment. In Gematria Morgan = 68:32 or 86/23.

Now the first connection with the White Star Line owners of the "Titanic" is the number 68. It was 68 years after his death, i.e. 1894, that plans were advertised that a ship named the Gigantic was to be built and launched in 1894, (s) although the financier was not to be revealed. This tumed out to be another MORGAN, a banker whose father was also a banker, (a banker mark = a mason mark, on a stone), and he was bom on the 14th April 1813, the very day in 1912 on which the "Titanic" struck the iceberg! lf we reverse the Morgan number 68 = 86 it brings us to the very year of the sinking 1826+86 = 1912 (=13=4) the same numbers associated with Pythagoras.

Stranger and stranger.

Retuming to the idea that a number of people felt there was something 'wrong' with the 'unsinkable' "Titanic" we couldn't allow the thought that a planet could affect the building of the ship but we could allow, because we have evidence, that a planet, i.e. SATURN, could affect a human being. Therefore we could be right in thinking that it could be a 'MORAL' wrong, i.e. which people 'lNTUIT' - a murder for which the perpetrators have not been brought to JUST-ICE! Because, as we have noted, the justifiers are FREEMASONS and protected other FREEMASONS notably in the case of William MORGAN and Christopher MARLOWE.

This brings us to the heart of the 'coincidence' between the rise of FREEMASONRY and the banning of Astrology by OXFORD University in 1681. In 1680, John Butler, author of "The Most Sacred and Divine Science of Astrology", wrote to Elias Ashmole, 'Do you hear the news from Alma Mater (i.e. Oxford University), all astrology must be banished'. Ashmole (1617-92) was made a Freemason in 1649, at the age of 29. He was adopted by the Rosicrucian William Backhouse who opened himself very freely touching on the 'great secret' (D.N.B.) On the 13th May 1653 Backhouse, 'told me, in syllables, the true matter of the 'philosopher's stone' which he bequeathed me as a legacy. On the lOth June 1651 Mr. Backhouse told me I must now needs be his son because he had communicated so many secrets to me.' The 'Philosopher's Stone' is of course SATURN, and is an 'alchemical alegory' for being 'born again' .

Getting back to the chain of 'coincidences' from the Enlightenment we have the murder of Christopher MARLOWE (Gematria No. 87 / 33). He was murdered on the order of the Privy Council of Elizabethan England because of his 'atheism' in 1593 at the age of 29. It was 87 years later in 1680 that astrology was banned (BAN = Pers. LORD). The Privy Councillors metamorphosed into Freemasons and in 1717 went public. Now by another seeming 'coincidence' the Gematria number of ICE = 1717.

Another Gematria number linking Privy Councillors/Freemasons and the sinking of the "Titanic" is 319. Marlowe was murdered in 1593. The ship sank in 1912.

- 1593

By 'coincidence' the Gematria number of FREEMASONRY = 139 = 13 = M.

and ...

58 = 13 = M = D.


Let us return to the events surrounding the "Titanic".

One of the ships that could have gone to the rescue but didn't was the MOUNT(=BERG) TEMPLE. The Captain was afraid of the ICE and told the American Inquiry that he was 49 miles from the ship when his Fourth Officer said later they were only 10 miles away.

Another steamer that could have gone to the rescue was the SATURNIA. It was probably the SATURNIA that the "Titanic's" 4th Officer Boxhall said was steaming directly towards the "Titanic" at an estimated 3 miles distance but turned away.
A link with Freemasonry was with the 'look-outs'. The look-out who rang the warning bell was FLEET, which name 'contains' the other look-out's name LEE.

Now the name FLEET means BOAZ (see Dict. Of Bible names) which is the name of one of the pillars of the Temple of Solomon, which allegorically Masons are trying to rebuild.

The other name LEE means SHELTER which means LODGE.

The lodge is the Masons' temple. CHI TACHE CONFESSA (It.) (who keeps silent, confesses.)

first published in the Astrological Lodge of London, Vol 75 No1 Winter 2004/5.
© Brian Underwood

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Brian Underwood is an active member of the Astrological Lodge of London.

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