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  a supernatural horror film 

 Hi!  Thank you for visiting our website.

My name is James, I made this film and I'm proud of it. I hope you will derive more than mere entertainment from the story told in "Dark Journey".

We had a lot of fun making the film, though to be honest, it was a lot of work, too.

The next question is one that leaves me bewildered and out of the scene, so to speak, I imagine you can already guess what it is.

Having recorded the music, designed the posters and uploaded the finished film ready for delivery to the waiting world, how is anyone supposed to find out about it?

It's the dilemma facing every independent film maker today, and, for that matter, the entire entertainments industry.

James White director of Dark Journey
These web pages have been put together by a couple of people with the sole purpose of making you aware of our film in a way that we hope will encourage you to find out more. Who knows, maybe you'll even order a copy to screen at your local film club.

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closer to the truth than you'd think

If I may be allowed to blow my own trumpet, as it were, here are a few things people have said about "Dark Journey " and before you ask, no, I did not make these up myself.


"An excellent performance by Tiffany Mulheron, worth watching for that alone."

"A lot better than some of the so-called blockbusters that recoup their costs in the first few days. "

"Dark Journey is an original slant on the horror genre, a modern variation on Polanski's classic, "Psycho" with an unusual twist at the end."

"The trick is to ask yourself, "And then what happened?" as the credits roll."

* * * *

I hope you will enjoy reading the other pages and maybe look us up on YouTube and Vimeo... that is, while fighting the irresistible urge to   buy   yourself a copy now.

signed James White          

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